Strategy and Investment Criteria
  EX.TRA is based on the principle of “EXpansion on the basis of industrial TRAdition” within the middlemarket sector. EX.TRA will invest in established, innovative middlemarket companies with already positive cash flows that require additional capital to realize competitive growth opportunities.

EX.TRA will invest in technology-oriented companies with a proven track record. Early-stage investment opportunities will not be pursued.

Target companies will be successful manufacturers or suppliers with revenues of up to €100 million in the following areas: automotive, medical technology, optical systems, electronics, energy and environmental technologies.

EX.TRA will primarily seek to acquire majority stakes in its target companies, which will allow EX.TRA to influence the strategy and financing structure of its portfolio companies. The fund managers will actively direct the strategic decisions of target companies. In extended engagements, a “Value Task Force” of experienced interim managers will support the fund managers.
  The Company

EX.TRA is tailored mainly for institutional investors seeking high and early returns and for this asset class untypical low investment risks. EX.TRA will invest €100 million in approximately 12 companies, thus mitigating risk stemming from excessive portfolio concentration. Distribution of proceeds from portfolio companies to investors are anticipated from the outset.

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